Monday, September 25, 2006

Are we ready for another bout of Argy Bargy?

Scotland on Sunday reports that Britain and Argentina are on a "collision course" over the Falklands once again.

Argentine foreign minister Jorge Taiana said Kirchner pledged that the Argentine people were committed to winning back sovereignty of the islands as soon as possible.

"Winning back" and "as soon as possible" sounds pretty agressive to me. Could the timing, coming at a time when our armed forces are already severely overstretched in prior engagements, be a coincidence? I doubt it. The question is - if the Argies did decide to invade and reoccupy the Falklands - could we retake them like we did in 1982?

I doubt it. We just don't have the capability anymore.


JohnM said...

More importantly, we don't have the political will.

Stan said...

Maybe you're right, johnm - although we seem to have the political will to go and fight in other places as long as Uncle Sam is there to keep us company.