Saturday, September 30, 2006

Learning from the Left

Over at USS Neverdock, Marc Landers has provided some links to a couple of sites that are attempting to mobilise and organise a co-ordinated response to the left dominated establishment. It's a worthy cause and one I wholeheartedly support. I posted an off the cuff comment which sort of developed as I was writing it (and I probably rambled on a bit as I tend to do).

The point is this - we could learn a lot from the left about how to create media attention. It was back in the sixties when the left learned the power of highly organised mass demonstration and it is something which the islamists now use frequently and effectively (assisted by the hardened veterans of the left) as we have seen recently with demonstrations against the Pope and cartoonists.

We, conservatives, don't tend to do this. Our protests tend to be more genteel such as writing letters of "outrage" to The Times or Telegraph. I would imagine that this is because conservatives tend to be more law abiding and orderly than the subversive and anarchic lefties, but if we're going to fight back effectively we need to start using the effective tool of organised mass demonstration.

There are plenty of things we can protest about. The massive mosque in East London, the cemetery in Nottingham where all graves are to be aligned with Mecca, Halal butchers and meat in our school and university canteens - we could even protest against Muslims anti-Pope protests outside mosques on Fridays.

The Countryside Alliance demonstrated that conservatives can organise effective protests with their pro fox-hunt rallies. If we could do the same then we could start to dictate the media agenda - and that is how you start to win the media war.

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