Saturday, October 14, 2006

Apple offends muslims

That's Apple the iPod company, not the fruit.

Apparently, the building on 5th Avenue resembles one of their shrines. There are lots of buildings I find offensive - the GLA building for example. Not specfically for the design, just for the fact that Red Ken spends a lot of time there and I find him offensive. When it comes to design, anything by or inspired by Le Corbusier is also offensive - and usually rubbish - and as an Englishman I find plenty of un-English architecture unpleasant and alien. It is offensive to me to find a building of obvious Islamic appearance sprouting in the heart of an English city, town or village.

But as a white, English, heterosexual male it doesn't matter to the metropolitan elite if I'm offended.

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Anonymous said...

It's a cube FFS! There must be an awfully lots of offensive toilet blocks around.