Thursday, October 26, 2006

Boycott BA

Ann Widdecombe has called for a boycott on British Airways as the row over the wearing of the cross shows no sign of abating.

A former government minister called on Christians to boycott British Airways flights yesterday as the backlash grew over its decision to ban a Heathrow check-in worker from wearing a cross round her neck.

Ann Widdecombe, a former Home Office minister and devout Roman Catholic, said that if BA had not reversed its "crazy" policy by Monday evening, she would cut up her BA executive club card and refuse to fly with the airline.

Urging other Christians to join her in a mass boycott that would inflict huge commercial damage on the business, she said BA was guilty of "persecuting" an employee on the grounds of her faith.

In a sinister twist, BA have now told the employee, Nadia Eweida, that she can stay with BA if she accepts a backroom job.

Mark Gardiner, BA world cargo general manager, has written to Miss Eweida offering her a "non-uniform" job.

"You can return to work in the terminal, you will not be given specific consent to display your cross in the workplace as this would breach the existing uniform policy," he wrote.

But he added: "I am prepared to offer you a temporary non-uniform position in the recruitment team at Cranebank (BA offices at Heathrow). This would enable you to return to work and receive a salary. In this position you will also be allowed to display your cross, as you will not be required to wear a uniform."

Out of sight, out of mind, eh? Christians should not be seen or heard. This is disgusting treatment of a Christian employee by a company who would simply not dare to apply the same rules to employees of other faiths.

I'm with Ann on this one. Boycott British Airways!

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