Saturday, October 07, 2006

Death of a PC

No, not a police constable, but my personal computer which has decided to expire just as my blog is getting up and running.

So, blogging will be infrequent until I can either fix it or get a new one. This is a bit of a shame as my stats tell me I'm getting around 100 hits a day, many of them returning visitors, so I'm obviously writing something that someone likes to read - which comes as a very pleasant surprise.

So keep checking back, I will return.

Keep the faith.




youdontknowme said...

Thats unfortunate.

The reader who keeps coming back is probably me. I check my favour blogs atleast 5 times per day on a weekend.

How do you find out how many visitors you get? Is it a blogger thing or do you just get a visitor count?

Stan said...

I use something called Statcounter, youdontknowme. It tells me how many unique visitors I get and how many of them are returning visitors. It even gives me a nice little map of the world showing where they come from! It's free and I'd recommend it.