Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Death on the doorstep

Yet again we hear of a father murdered on his doorstep after confronting a gang of yobs. Stevens Nyembo-Ya-Muteba was stabbed to death after confronting a mob of 12 yobs who had been trying to start a fire in a stairwell near his home in Hackney.

This is an area which the Prime Minister described as "greatly improved" since he had lived there soon after getting married. Although I can quite easily believe that any area would be greatly improved by the Blairs leaving it, I don't think their departure would cause a significant drop in crime. Recently, of course, we had that other idiot Blair - Sir Ian Blair - declaring that some parts of London are so safe people leave their doors unlocked. Keep taking the tablets, Sir Ian.

These things happen - father's murdered on their doorstep, mothers knifed on the street - because these yobs have no fear. They have no fear of being caught, no fear of being convicted and no fear of being sent to prison. They have no fear because the police are largely ineffective, the courts increasingly lenient and they know that there is a massive infrastructure of support, help and money to assist them - something that is not available to their victims - and they know that even murdering someone on their doorstep is unlikely to see them put away for long.

Until someone decides to really get tough on crime AND the causes of crime (hint: crime is caused by criminals) then we will continue to hear about more and more of this sort of thing. Labour clearly do not know how to deal with it preferring to spin the belief that crime is dropping. Neither can the Tories, whose policies are largely responsible for much of the anarchy that rules our streets, claim to have the answers. The Liberal Democrats would wet themselves if they ever got into power (thank God they won't).

Is there anyone out there who we can turn to?

Depressingly, I fear not. The liberal left progressives have created this situation. They have the blood of Mr. Nyembo-Ya-Muteba all over their hands.

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