Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Don't vote Tory

You may have noticed that I'm prepared to post on virtually any subject, but one thing I've tried to avoid - except in passing - is Iraq. That is quite deliberate and I'm not going to get drawn on the reasons why. All I will say is that I support British troops to the hilt in all their endeavours wherever they may be.

It is also why I avoided commenting on the interview with General Sir Richard Dannatt that caused such a furore in the mainstream media and across the blogosphere. Like many, I suspect, I was annoyed that the MSM concentrated on just one aspect of Dannatt's interview and skipped over the other points, particularly those relating to the collapse of Christian morality in Britain.

Peter Hitchens has taken up this point on his blog and it is well worth a read. I like Hitchens immensely although I can find him irritating in the way he frequently creates a very convincing argument against something, but then fails to put forward any ideas to resolve the issue. I often read his articles and find myself thinking - "you're quite right, Peter, but what should we do about it?"

But in this case, Hitchens does offer a solution.

Whatever you do, whenever you can DO NOT VOTE TORY.


Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

I had extensive email correspondence with Hitchens before the European Elections when he published another 'Dont Vote Tory, but who could you possibly vote for instead' diatribe that (like this one) totally ignored UKIP. He really, realy hates UKIP. Never worked out precisely why. God knows they arent perfect but they are the closest thing to Hitchens views that Hitchens is ever going to get.

Stan said...

That is the problem with Hitchens - he is very good at saying what he doesn't like, but not very good at putting forward alternatives.

I was, briefly, a member of UKIP but found them intensely frustrating. The in-fighting that followed their success in the EU elections when they should have been building on those gains they made did it for me.

It wouldn't stop me voting for them - if they ever put a candidate forward in Slough - but I'll vote for virtually anyone who isn't left wing, Labour, Lib Dem or Tory.