Monday, October 30, 2006

Ironic moment of the day

George "Moonbat" Monbiot on BBC's Breakfast talking about the Stern report.

"I've been saying for 20 years ...."

Exactly, George. Twenty years of warning us about the impending arrival of catastrophic global cooling global warming climate change - and it still hasn't happened and there is still no evidence that

a) it exists,
b) it is going to be catastrophic, and
c) that it is caused by the activity of man.

Years ago, those weirdos that wandered around with "The end is nigh" on their sandwich boards were looked at as raving loonies. Now they're given pride of place on Breakfast TV.


Tom Tyler said...

In case you weren't aware, Stan, the final paragraph of this post made it onto today's "On The Web" section of The Guardian. (A fact which may or may not impress you, but at least it means you're being read).

Stan said...

I didn't know that, Tom - thanks for letting me know. I am quite impressed that something I've said has made it to The Grauniad - after all, it's their apple cart I'm trying to upset.