Friday, October 06, 2006

It's just a load of rubbish!

You've got to admire EUReferendum. There's always something new on there to read and it's usually well researched and well written. The site should be essential reading for every politician in the country - or their handsomely paid advisors and research assistants, at least.

Dr, Richard North has an excellent post this morning regarding rubbish. Not a very exciting subject, I know, but Dr. North hits the nail on the head by reminding us - and our politicians, if they were ever to listen - that rubbish collection is not just an environmental issue, but first and foremost a public health issue.

Between 1875 and now - over 130 years later - nothing has changed to gainsay the good sense of our forefathers, except that we are now members of the European Union, joined with countries which were not even nations when we devised our own rules. And now they're making laws telling us how to manage our affairs.

It strikes me that this is a modern day malaise with our politicians. They are no longer motivated by doing what is right for Britain and British subjects. Instead they are motivated by what they feel is right according to their own personal agenda - which often includes environmentalism, globalism and , of course, supranationalism.

Think about that for a moment.

Our politicians no longer work for us, they work for themselves. Their intentions may well be good and honourable, but they are no longer intentions for the good of Britain.

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