Friday, October 13, 2006

Muslim admits terrorism plots

From The Telegraph, again.

The court heard that Barot had asked for his plans to be outlined as part of his guilty plea.

"The principal planned attack involved packing three limousines with gas cylinders, explosives and the like and detonating them in underground car parks"

Barot was said to have three other projects, including one that he called the "Radiation (Dirty Bomb) Project".

Quietly spoken and smartly dressed, Barot is not the usual image of a terrorist. He was born a Hindu and brought up in a north London suburb by middle-class parents.

Not the usual image of a terrorist? Let me see - a convert to Islam, well dressed and brought up by middle-class parents. In other words, not the image of a terrorist the left would like you to believe in as he doesn't fit the "victim" criteria. Remarkably, quite a few other terrorists were "not the usual image" either, because what motivates Islamic terrorists is not the oppression and grinding poverty, but a desire to kill infidels.

In fact, he became increasingly interested in Islam and converted when he was 20, prompting a rift with his father, who by then was suffering from a heart condition.
Barot travelled to Pakistani-controlled Kashmir to "investigate the duty of jihad".
He trained with one of the groups fighting Indian troops in the region and said later that he had "witnessed a side of Islam which cannot be found in classrooms".

Sounds like the exact image of a terrorist I have in my mind. Finally, get this ....

A short man, with a neatly clipped beard, he stood up and answered clearly "I plead guilty" when the charge of conspiracy to murder was put to him yesterday.
He spent much of the hearing tapping notes into a laptop computer.

WTF? No doubt connected to the Internet. Don't want to infringe his human right to spread the global jihad do we.

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