Saturday, October 07, 2006

Shock news! Grammar schools are best

New evidence has revealed the startling news that grammar schools help able students to achieve higher test results than comprehensives.

This is, of course, not really a surprise as it has been well known for some time that this was the case, but the leftie liberal progressives hushed it all up while they went about destroying our education system all in the name of "equality". Equality of outcome - not opportunity.

Our education system wasn't perfect, but it was good. You can not say the same about it today. It's far from perfect and it's crap. The grammar school system helped more able children - including those from less affluent backgrounds - reach their potential. It was far far better than the system now inflicted on us by Labour and the likes of Shirley Williams back in the sixties. The collusion of the Tories in the onslaught against grammar schools shouldn't be forgotten either.

All three of our major parties now tow the same leftist liberal progressive line - without any deviation. When are people going to wake up to the utter destruction being wreaked upon our nation by the liberal progressive left?

Kick them ALL out!


Boredofthisargument said...

What a load of codswallop. Sure, grammar schools were fine, but secondary mods were crap, and the vast majority of kids who went to them were a lot smarter than they were labelled - as useless factory fodder. I've got 3 degrees after comprehensive schooling, but I live and work abroad. I'll never come back except for holidays. Last time I worked in England my job was given to the bloody Eastern Europeans. Your economy is based on coolie-labour, no skills, no quality, no innovation, just cheap crap. Try looking after your own people and stop sneering at their schooling, and maybe you'll have a skill-based economy one day.

Stan said...

SOME secondary mods were crap, others were not. The point is that the government should have tackled the problem with the FAILING part of education and not attacked the WORKING part by destroying grammar schools. I can't say I disagree with the rest of your comments, but surely you must realise that the reason we have no skills, no quality, no innovation and coolie labour is because our education system is now so dire.

revinkevin said...

The best way for kids to improve is to be in classes with kids of similar ability to them, which is what Grammer schools do, as those with the best brains go to Grammar school and push each other whilst the rest went to Secondary modern and pushed eash other as well.

The result is that they each should do better that way.

People with to much of a difference in ablity in the same class you get this result, the best get bored as they are not getting pushed, and misbehave, the worst can't cope as it is to far beyond them so they missbehave and the rest get the flack from the best and worst.