Friday, October 06, 2006

Support for English independence growing

The EDP Blog reports that a recent poll showed some 31% would favour an independent England.

Interestingly, those asked if England should continue to be governed as it is now has declined by almost a third since 1999. However, even this doesn't tell the whole story. The poll questioned 2 groups of around a thousand adults across ALL of the UK - not just in England and, presumably, not just English adults.

It is a complete disgrace that England does not have it's own parliament while the other nations of Britain do and this disparity needs to be addressed. I've always considered myself equally British and English and my preference has always been for an England as part of an independent Britain.

But I'm slowly coming round to the opinion that the other nations of the United Kingdon have too much invested in Britain's EU membership for us to ever be able to force a withdrawal for the UK. The Scottish and Welsh just have too much to lose.

So if the breakup of the Union is the only way for England to rid itself of this oppressive monster from the continent then, reluctantly, I'm all for it.

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Anonymous said...

quite right Stan, the concept of britain in europe is finished with an English Parliament.that is what they're scared of.