Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Taking sides in Slough

Dangerously Subversive Dad has an excellent post regarding the Windsor riots including a priceless quote from the Labour MP for Slough, Fiona McTaggart.

"At any time Islamophobic attacks are unacceptable. In this holy month of Ramadan it is particularly distressing for the Muslim community to be victims of hatred."

McTaggart doesn't mention whether she thinks that attacks by Muslims on non-muslims - like thrashing women with lead pipes and smashing their cars to pieces - is acceptable at any time. She doesn't seem too bothered if non-muslims are victims of hatred either, concentrating only on what is distressing for the "Muslim community".

It's interesting that she also refers to the "holy month of Ramadan". Well, Fiona, to a Christian like myself Ramadan is not holy - it is utterly meaningless. I can't actually recall a month called "Ramadan" either. As far as I'm aware it is still called October - but then again, I'm not an MP with a need to suck up to muslims to secure my future re-election.

She goes on to say, "I am determined that all other commmunities[sic] in this area should stand by them."

In other words, she thinks we should forget the fact that they go around inflicting harm on our women, destroying our cars, blocking residents of Windsor from using public thoroughfares and generally ignoring our laws and "stand by them".

McTaggart is not even the MP for the area where the riots have taken place. She is the MP for Slough - which has a massive muslim population. By coming out with these comments about incidents that are nothing to do with her constituency, she has chosen to nail her colours firmly to the mast of Islamic domination. We are to be compelled to "stand by" their rights to abuse and assault our women and destroy our property.

She has taken sides.

She has done so for the simple reason that she needs the votes of muslims to keep her seat.

She is, I am deeply ashamed to say, my local MP.

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