Monday, October 16, 2006

What it is to be English

There is a brilliant essay on Englishness by Robert Henderson over on the EDP blog.

In the conclusion, Henderson states ....

As a matter of urgency the English must learn to resist the incessant insult to which they are now subject. A nation may be likened to a man. If a man continually accepts insult or engages in repeated self-denigration, we think him a poor fellow. At first such behaviour is embarrassing. Soon it becomes irritating. Eventually it breeds a profound contempt and contempt is mother to all enormities. So it is with peoples. On the simple ground of
self-preservation, the English cannot afford to continue to permit the present gratuitous and incontinent abuse offered by both foreigners and her own ruling elite nor tolerate the suppression of the English voice.

Exactly. And a nation that cringes in self doubt and submits to dependency on other nations creates a people lacking in self-belief and dependent on others.

More from Henderson ...

Because history teaching has been removed from historical facts, the assessment of the work of those taught becomes nothing more than the opinion of the teacher. This inevitably results in the prejudices of the teacher being reflected in their presentation and marking.

Indoctrination, not education.

In the present climate of opinion within British education this means liberal political correctness wins the day. Thus history teaching, and the teaching of other subjects such as geography which can be given a PC colouring, has become no better than propaganda. This would be unfortunate if the propaganda promoted English history and culture uncritically. But to have anti-English propaganda in English schools and universities is positively suicidal. That it is state policy is barely credible.

Suicidal? Barely credible? But true. And all part of a bigger war being waged on the English by the left wing liberal progressives.

It's a long read, but worth it. Read it all.

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