Friday, November 03, 2006

Australia Rape Row: Where's the outrage of the left?

House of Dumb has an excellent post on the absence of liberal progressive outrage over the Aussie imam's likening women to "uncovered meat"

I love the way DumbJon uses the left's indignation over remarks made by UKIP's Godfrey Bloom to berate the very same people about their lack of response to the mad mullah.


Anonymous said...

the same sheik hilaly several years ago said"In Australia women and meat are cheap"He has form.
Personally I'm against pc and I believe he should be able to say whatever he wants,as long as we can say what we want.
have a listen to oz talk back
just click listen at the top.
john laws 10.00pm your time.

Stan said...

I think you're quite right - he should be able to say what he wants as should the rest of us.

What bothers me, though, are the double standards of the left - which dumbjon pointed out so well.

This is a senior muslim cleric - the senior Aussie muslim - saying that these gang rape victims asked for it.

Can you imagine the reaction of the left if the Archbishop of Canterbury said something similar about British rape victims?

The left's silence over this speaks volumes.