Monday, November 13, 2006

Britain has finally gone bonkers

Drug addict convicts are to receive payouts from the government under the Human Rights Act. The award is to be made because the addicts were forced to go cold turkey - and this, apparently, amounts to degradation, discrimination and torture.

They alleged breaches under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which bans torture and inhuman or degrading treatment; Article 8, which protects private life; and Article 14, which prohibits discrimination.

Since when was the pursuit and consequences of illegal, criminal activity considered a "human right". These scum CHOSE to take drugs knowing that they were illegal.

The decision to allow the test case was taken in May by Mr Justice Langstaff, who stated: "All claim that their treatment was handled inappropriately and so they suffered injuries and had difficulties with their withdrawal."

Their "treatment"? Why should they get any treatment? They are performiing illegal acts - they should get punished for commiting crimes, not given help and handouts!

The Prison Reform Trust said: "Addicts are ill and we should ensure the requirements of prison do not cut across need for treatment."

A typically left wing, liberal progressive reaction. They are not ill, they're criminals. It's our society that is sick.

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