Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Buttery taste? Give me butter!

I'm usually quite an active man. I usually cycle to work at least twice a week, go to the gym two or three times a week and take regular, lengthy walks.

But at the back end of summer I hurt my left knee and this has put a brake on those activities. I'm slowly getting back into it - starting with longer and longer walks - but I have to confess that the normally svelte Stan has put on a few pounds in that time.

Mrs Stan has noticed this and decided that I need to make a few changes to my diet. Apart from the loss of my Custard Cream allowance, she has stopped buying butter and started buying one of those spreads which claims to have a "buttery" taste. It doesn't. It is revolting. The only resemblance it has with butter is the colour- which is vaguely buttery. The taste is more reminiscent of those horrible processed cheese spreads - but a little milder.

Fortunately, Mrs Stan agrees and we'll be going back to real butter. A proper natural food rather than processed chemicals squeezed into a plastic tub.

For a truly buttery taste, you can't beat real butter!

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