Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cameron's "substance" is all hot air - but the BBC love it

Listening to 5 Live this lunch time, they were discussing David Cameron's exchange with Blair at PMQ's over Sudan.

I found it infuriating the way both the BBC commentators and the MP's they rolled in (I didn't get their names) enthused over Cameron's choice of topic and how he had put some "substance" into his policy.

What are they on?

Cameron offered no solutions - just more of the same internationalist guff about involving the UN. So they can do what? Rake off some cash? Set up another lucrative paedophile ring? They sure as hell won't do anything to change what is happening in Sudan.

And what did Cameron think Blair was going to do? Fly out there and stop it himself? Send in British troops? - not that we have any to spare, of course. Blair sounded exasperated - as well he might. He knows he can do nothing beyond what he is already doing - unless he decides to get all colonial, but that will just bring condemnation down on top of him.

I don't like Blair, and since his flirtation with unilateralism in Iraq it's clear that the BBC don't like him either. But what do they expect him to do now? Go in unilaterally? Take over Sudan and kick the Janjaweed arse? What with? A regiment of reservists and a couple of knackered Land Rovers?

Cameron is the BBC's new darling. The new love in the eyes of the liberal progressives - and so they talk about how he is putting some substance into his policies. What a joke! If the liberal idea of substance is to spout luvvie claptrap about an issue that - after all -has nothing to do with Britain anymore and which there is nothing that we can do much about beyond what we are already doing, then what does that say about politics today.

In truth, there isn't much to discuss in British politics. Foreign policy has been handed to the unelected bureaucrats of the EU and the UN. Much of our home policy is dictated to us from Brussels. All that is left is to tinker around the edges arguing about who can provide the best "social justice" with what the EU tell them to do.

Long ago we gave up the sovereign right to handle the primary issues of British politics. All we do now is argue over secondary issues - and always from the perspective of the liberal. I don't think our Parliament has ever been so pathetic.


DV said...


Just to say that I enjoy your blog but I think you may misinterpret the purpose of Cameron. His media-approved role is to push a dagger through the heart of British Conservatism, and he is proving very successful at this. The MSM see how he is ratcheting political debate in the UK ever leftward, and for that Call Me Dave is their darling. Worse still, the gutless trolls in the Conservative Party that support him are helping bring about the MSM wet dream - the elimination of authentic moral conservatism. Three cheers for Dave - mission accomplished.

Stan said...

Hi Dv,

I agree with your assessment of Cameron's role entirely. It's long been my view that the centre ground of British politics moved a long way to the left some time ago - the evidence of this, for me, is the fact that every political party for as long as I can recall considers the bloated, grossly inefficient, public sector bureaucracy of the NHS sacrosanct.

Why? It's shit.

DV said...


The entire apparatus of the NHS, along with education and everything else the State touches, turns to rust. It's King Midas in reverse syndrome and our political whores love the buzz it gives them. What saddens me is that whilst our preening political elite indulge themselves, our once proud nation buckles and creaks....and all at a time when the Jihadi are eyeing us up.....

Keep up the good work, sites like your own and of course A Tangled Web ARE the resistance to what is happening "in our name"...