Saturday, November 18, 2006

Christians banned from universities

Sounds like Elton is starting to get his way.

CHRISTIANS on campuses across Britain are preparing to take legal action against university authorities, accusing them of driving their religious beliefs underground, The Times has learnt.

Tolerance, eh? Ain't it grand. I wonder why it is that the people who bang on the most about how we should all be tolerant are often the least tolerant of dissenting views?


xoggoth said...

I have every sympathy with his views.

There is no reason why Christians or others should not exercise their right to free speech and express their views on homosexuality. No reason why they should not campaign on behalf of children against what they regard as propogation of a gay agenda in schools or gay adoption.

But you know perfectly well it never stops there, the religious seek to intrude in the lives of other adults by lobbying for or against changes in the law, to prevent legal committments by gays to each other or sometime even to restore the illegality of homosexual acts in private which are none of their damn business.

Unfortunately, the religious tolerance we had in the UK is being rolled back by immigration, both by Islam and by Christians from Africa and the West Indies.

Tolerance of those who will tolerate (not approve) you is a fine thing, tolerance of those who seek to impose their own views on your life is stupidity.

Northwing said...

Christian student groups are hardly militant human-rights abusing fanatics are they. This all needs putting into context. The Student Union are cowards. They may be zealous with a kind of 'root-out and lead by example' atheistic fervour, but they would find the same action much harder in terms of their own morals to instigate against Muslims or Hindus.

Saying that *everyone* is a sinner, shouldnt lead to you being marched off campus. Are they going to rip up all the philosophy groups too?

Stan said...

I have no sympathy with Elton's views whatsoever. Like so many people he demands tolerance of his views and behaviour then seeks to impose bans on those who disagree. How very tolerant! What a bloody hypocrite, more like.

I don't see why religious people shouldn't have the right to lobby for or against changes in law - isn't that what the supporters of homosexuality did and still do? - it doesn't mean they should get their way, but they have every right to have a point of view and to express it.

I don't see why it should be morally acceptable to call for or impose a ban on religion or religious beliefs, but not morally acceptable to call for or impose a ban on homosexuals or homosexual acts?

To my mind, both are examples of bigotry - but tolerance means I believe that people have the right to be bigoted - and judgemental and discrimnatory.

But when that bigotry starts to become acceptable to the mainstream then that is a time for us to start being concerned.