Monday, November 06, 2006

The Church Of England finds it voice at last

And about time too.

I'm hopeful that the Church Of England is at last starting to understand that it needs to be seen as a strong, confident institution rather than the wavering, hand wringing it has become famous for. As The Sunday Times article states ....

His carefully timed intervention is at odds with the usual, equivocal utterances from Anglican bishops at pains to preserve interfaith harmony at almost any cost, even that of their own faith and Gospel commitment to evangelism. But it reflects the views of increasing numbers of senior churchmen, in particular from the orthodox wing.

There is a growing commitment within such circles that the Church of England must forsake the damp lowlands of appeasement as represented by the liberal middle ground in order properly to defend the faith of the 72 per cent of the population who describe themselves as Christian.

For too many years the C of E has been represented at the highest level by those very liberals culminating with the appointment to Canterbury of the Archbishop of Liberal Appeasement - Dr. Rowan Williams.

Fortunately, we have the Bishop of Rochester and the Archbishop Of York bringing some sanity back to the C of E. It's noticeable that both of these men are immigrants - not so heavily tainted by the liberal progressive indoctrination that pervades our British schools, universities and institutions - and our Church.

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