Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm alright, Jack.

Through Dangerously Subversive Dad I came across this excellent rant. I tried to post a response - but it didn't seem to work, so, instead, I'll have my say here. After all this is what this blog is for!

Much of what I'm going to say I have said before, but I think it is worth reiterating.

The rant above covers many things - from the atheist to the Christian - from the left to the right - but is essentially about the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan an what is going on there. As the chap says, the enemy in our war isn't Iraq or Afghanistan or any particular recognised nation. It is Islam - or to be more precise - Islamic Imperialism.

He goes on to say that before you can rebuild your foe, you have to defeat them. This is exactly right and this is why it is utterly foolish to be trying to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan at this moment. The only reason we were able to rebuild Germany and Japan after world war 2 was because these nations were utterly defeated. We are not at war with the countries of Iraq or Afghanistan - we are at war with the nation of Islam. Iraq and Afghanistan are just two current battles going on in a war which began many, many years ago. During this long war we have had times when we (the west) have been in the ascendancy and periods when we've been on the run. There have been periods of peace and stability, but the war has never stopped - not once in over 1300 years.

As far as Iraq and Afghanistan are concerned this is just the beginning of the fight back. Trying to rebuild them while the enemy is still intact, still strong and still on the offensive is ridiculous. It's like launching Operation Overlord and then trying to rebuild Caen while we're still fighting in the Bocage. You can't do it. What you can do is use Caen to launch other offensives from. So it is with Iraq and Afghanistan. Stuck between those two countries is the "black heart" of the enemy - Iran. Iran knows this and this is why it is in such a rush to build a nuclear bomb. As long as they don't have it they are very vulnerable. As soon as they have it they are less so. We shouldn't be wasting time, money and lives rebuilding Iraq or Afghanistan - we should be moving the offensive on from one part of the "nation" to the next. Until we defeat that "nation", we can not win the war. Until we win the war it is pointless spending a single brass farthing on "rebuilding" any part of that "nation".

All our effort and all our resources should go into defeating the enemy - but we can not even agree who the enemy is.

Some people recognise that it is,indeed, Islam. But they shy away from the idea of defeating the enemy pinning their hopes instead on some sort of Islamic reformation from within Islam itself. Wake up, people! It ain't going to happen. Currently, Islam is winning. They own the Middle East (apart from Israel), they are winning in Europe and Africa. They have footholds in the US and Australia. Across the world, Islamic imperialism is winning and winning. Why should they reform when victory is within their grasp?

Any chance of Islamic reformation will only come when they recognise that is is either reformation or extinction. We need to start forcing that belief on them. That will not happen why we keep giving in to their demands in our countries, while they ignore our requests in their countries. We allow them to build mosques in the heart of our cities and to proselytize amongst our people - while they prevent us from doing the same in their countries. They demand we change tour laws to accommodate their customs in our countries while they refuse to do the same in their countries.

We should be telling them that there will be no new mosques in Britain or the US or Australia until there is a Christian cathedral in Mecca. We should tell them there will be no right to wear a veil or a headscarf or that robe thing until all women in their countries are free to wear mini skirts, low cut tops and lip gloss in public without fear of persecution from the state or the people of that state. We should tell them they can not have Islamic laws in this country until there are secular laws in their countries. When they give equal rights and protection to women and gays in Saudi Arabia, then they can have Muslim mortgages or family law in Britain. As long as we continue to give in to them without insisting on similar concessions in their countries then Islam will never reform.

We also need to recognise that Islamic Imperialism is not just a cultural war. Wherever there is Islam there is conflict - be it in Sudan, Somalia, Indonesia, Australia, UK, US, France - everywhere. You name a country where there is Islam and there will be a conflict which has one thing in common. Islam. It may be Muslims against Christians or Muslims against Buddhists or Muslims against atheists - it will always be Muslims against someone. for a so called religion of peace, Islam seems to encourage a disproportionate amount of violence. We need to fight back - properly. That means in Sudan, Somalia, France and everywhere else. You can not do it all in one go. You have to choose your battles and pick the right ones. Fight where you can win and make sure you win when you fight.

We also need to sort out the sedition in our own ranks. "Know your enemy and know yourself" wrote Sun Tzu. We don't know our enemy or ourselves. We are infested with fifth columnists throughout the west. Worse still,unlike WW2 where they were relatively few in number and not very influential, they are many and they are powerful - exhibited at their strongest by the UN - and they are very ,very influential. The ironic thing is, these fifth columnists today are the ones who stand to lose most if the west is defeated. People like myself stand to lose very little if Islam wins the war. I believe in God, I'm conservative, I believe women should be homemakers and look after the children (though I prefer it to be their choice rather than enforced). I'm not gay, not a drug user, not much of a drinker and not a criminal. I prefer it if people dress modestly, treat one another with respect, don't swear all the time and behave responsibly. I don't care much for the 24/7 society and think one day a week should be a special day when we shun the consumer world (prefer it to be Sundays rather than Fridays).

If Islam wins the war - I'll be alright still. I'm not sure that the same can be said for the liberal left progressives - and yet they are the ones who refuse to recognise the threat that Islam carries. So why am I bothered? Because I happen to believe that the Judeo-Christian society of the west (prior to the liberal progressives setting about the systematic destruction of that civilisation) is the best civilisation the world has ever seen, with the best values, best balance between rights and responsibilities, the best justice system and the most benevolent people. I don't want to see that go. For the last fifty years it has been tearing itself apart internally and for the last 25 years it has been under sustained attack on the outside from a rival civilisation.

There are only two possible outcomes. Either Islam wins or we win. We can only win if we regain some common sense and reverse our flight from reality. I'll know we are starting to win when the EU folds and the UN dissolves. Trouble is - I can't see that happening.

Still, I'm alright Jack - how about you?


Banagor said...

Hey, thanks for the link. I found you in my logs.

I just put you in my blogroll and I liked your reply a lot. I fixed the comments a few days back and people just have to register now.

I was going to blog a reply yesterday but I just ran out of time. But really nice job on that piece, and I agree: liberals should be the first to jump up and defend our civilization in this fight. The fact that they don't really irks me.

Anonymous said...

liberals should be the first to jump up and defend our civilization in this fight. The fact that they don't really irks me.
Your kidding me, surely?. The left has been at war with our civilization for decades.