Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A man for all seasons

I was hugely encouraged by what I read in The Daily Mail interview with Dr John Setamu yesterday. The current Archbishop Of York is a man that I admire immensely. Even though I don't agree with all his views, I do believe that he has a sincere belief in traditional Christian and British values and, as the natural successor to the Archbishop Of Canterbury, I believe the C of E will develop a renewed self-belief under his guidance - if he is allowed to make that next step.

Personally, I'm not convinced he will. I believe he has more support amongst the grass roots Anglicans than the current Archbishop of Canterbury and that he's making waves amongst the C of E's liberal establishment which are considered unwelcome. I hope I'm wrong, as I believe Dr. Setamu will revive the fortunes of Anglicanism and British self confidence, but I worry that, like Sir Thomas More, his principles will curtail his career (though not quite so abruptly!).

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