Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Modern Britain: Humour not allowed

Council bosses have cautioned staff against sending birthday cards to colleagues that make jokes about their age.

They fear quips about bus passes and being over the hill could allow the "victim" to claim thousands in damages.

South Gloucestershire council's clampdown has been sparked by laws against age discrimination which came in last month. But Kenneth Clark, chairman of the county's Pensioners' Forum, branded it "trivial nonsense."

Meanwhile, a Tory councillor is sacked as a parliamentary candidate for sending out a "racist" email.

A WOULD-BE Tory parliamentary candidate was sacked yesterday over an email poking fun at immigrants.

Councillor Ellenor "Ellie" Bland was taken off the list of hopefuls and suspended from the Party after the message was forwarded from her email account to five others, including three councillors.

Another victory for the liberal progressives.

Modern Britain - no humour allowed; free speech banned.

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