Thursday, November 02, 2006

The other war

The survey from the IPPR which confirms what many of us already knew - that British teenagers are the worst behaved in Europe - should open the eyes of everybody to the root cause of the problem.

The reason, according to the study, is that British teenagers have less social interaction with adults than any other teenagers in Europe.

Nick Pearce, from IPPR, said these figures pointed to an "increasing disconnect" between children and adults.

He said youngsters were learning how to behave from one another instead of from adults.
"Because they don't have that structured interaction with adults, it damages their life chances," he said.

"They are not learning how to behave - how to get on in life - as they need to."
The researchers concluded that the lack of adult interaction has left British teenagers increasingly vulnerable to failure.

And why is this?
Simple. It's because of the breakdown of the traditional nuclear family.
Why has the traditional nuclear family broken down?
Because for years they've been telling us that all forms of relationship are equal and valid.
Who is it that has been telling us this?
Liberal progressives.

It is all the fault of progressive liberalism.
It was liberal progressives who encouraged women to "escape" the bonds of marriage.
It was liberal progressives who encouraged easier divorce laws.
It was liberal progressives who encouraged the "if it feels good, do it" society.
It was liberal progressives who encouraged the young to do their own thing.
It is liberal progressives who encourage underage sex through sex "education" without the reference point of marriage.
It is liberal progressives who encourage drug use under the pretence of "education" about drugs.
It is liberal progressives who encourage who encourage the young to express themselves as they want.

It is all the fault of progressive liberalism.

We have two wars to fight. The first war - against terrorism, terrorists and Islamofascism - is simple enough to understand (though so many still need to be convinced), but will only be won by military methods (not policing) and can not be won until we win the other war.

This second war is the propaganda war against progressive liberalism. It will be even harder than the war on terror - because our enemies control our government, our political parties, our universities, our schools, our justice system, our newspapers and television channels. They have a huge arsenal - multiculturalism, social "justice", social "equality", racism, discrimination, colonialism, slavery, feminism, Islamophobia, environmentalism, diversity, immigration and many, many other weapons. They can deliver these weapons effectively through TV, newspapers, schools, universities and the government.

All we have is the blogosphere - but even so there are signs that we are winning.

People are beginning to question if multiculturalism is a good thing.
People are waking up to the threat posed by immigration.
People are starting to understand just what the war on terror is really about.
People are becoming aware of the dangers of societal breakdown caused by the dilution of the family and it's meaning.

Slowly, inch by inch, the tide is turning. We are gradually wearing down the defences of progressive liberalism. They appear to be mighty, but are built on shifting sands. Once concerted shove is all it will take to bring the entire edifice to the ground and expose it for what it really is - an empty shell.

Keep pushing.

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