Monday, November 06, 2006

Police too "scared" to tackle yobs

Says the governments anti-yob "tsar".

Louise Casey, head of the Government's Respect Task Force, said she was astonished by lack of police action on the streets.

Perhaps she should spend less time in her ivory tower and get out a bit more. I suggest she flog her house and move into one of the estates besieged by thugs and yobs.

She had seen officers hand out sweets to teenage yobs instead of enforcing antisocial behaviour orders and watched officers walk by as teenagers destroyed a playground.

That's what happens when you turn the police into a social "service" instead of a force. All part of the liberal progressive agenda. And just for good measure, one of those liberal progressives weighs in with his tuppence worth.

Lib Dem home affairs spokesman Nick Clegg said: "The Government would do better to recognise that its approach of vilifying all young people and carpeting the country in Asbos has reached its limit.

"If you want to stop disrespectful youngsters becoming hardened criminals then you have to do the unglamorous hard work to engage with them and bring them back from the brink."

What a jerk! These people live in a fantasy land.

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