Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sniggering schoolboys

That is what senior Conservatives - including their "leader", David Cameron - behaved like at The Imperial War Museum during a speech about war heroes by a General according to The Daily Mirror.

General Sir Peter de la Billiere told how a soldier had "exposed himself" to enemy fire, during a speech at the launch of Lord Ashcroft's book about Victoria Cross heroes at London's Imperial War Museum.

At that moment, Mr Cameron and close pal Mr Duncan, the Shadow Trade Secretary, started sniggering - to the disgust of other guests.

One said: "They were like a pair of schoolboys and it didn't go unnoticed."

Personally, I think this is disgusting, but, to be honest, it's no real surprise. Both Cameron and Duncan come across as the type who have never got past their student days and still think that behaving like Rick and Vyvyan from "The Young Ones" is OK. The excuse given is simply pathetic.

Mr Cameron's spokesman confirmed the Tory leader had been laughing during Sir Peter's address - but insisted the guffaws were in response to an amusing anecdote. He said: "The speeches were moving but there were light-hearted moments in the speeches that were intended."

Right. So they were laughing at an "amusing anecdote" - which seemed to have slipped past the other guests who weren't laughing. Or maybe they were laughing at an amusing anecdote from earlier in the speech which they had only just got?

This is the Tory party we now have. Juvenile, facile and utterly devoid of any gravitas or political philosophy. Just a bunch of sniggering, politically correct, champagne socialists with barely an original thought among them.

And they want us to vote for them? I'd rather drink my own piss.

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