Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tales of modern Britain (2)

It's Liverpool's turn this week

This first article tells the story of how a Ford Focus was destroyed by a firework.

Fire experts said today anyone standing near the Focus when it blew up would have been killed instantly. Theforce of the explosion was so great it blew a one-foot hole in the steel plated floor of the car.

The explosion happened outside a house on Croxteth Hall Lane, Liverpool, at 9.30pm. Police believe the firework was thrown into the car after a window was smashed.

Meanwhile, dead patients are left on wards because A&E staff are too busy trying to meet government targets.

A leading staff representative at Arrowe Park Hospital said porters were being sent to "scavenge" for beds around the hospital, in order to have patients moved off trolleys and into beds within the four-hour A&E deadline.

"In doing so, they have left the rest of the hospital so short of porters that patients' bodies have been left on wards for three or four hours at a time before being transferred to the mortuary.

"The response from managers was they couldn't see the problem because these people are dead."

Such compassion.

Finally, a report on how the boys in blue just can't be arsed to catch criminals - even when they've got them bang to rights on CCTV.

Car wash manager Andrew Baines has repeatedly offered his CCTV images to officers, but nobody had turned up to examine them.

It came only six months after chief constable Bernard Hogan-Howe personally promised Mr Baines help to catch robbers who attacked him with bats and knives in a previous incident.

That's modern Britain for you. A great place to live - if you don't mind cars being blown apart on the streets, dead patients left lying on wards and you don't expect the police to do anything when you call them.

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