Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tales of modern Britain (3)

I'm switching the attention to Bristol this week. The first article is an every day story of teenage shenanigans that we see up and down the length of Britain in our town centres.

Two men were due to appear at Bristol Magistrates' Court today charged with the murder of a teenager shot dead at a Stokes Croft nightclub. Dean Myles died from a single gunshot wound following an incident inside Club UK in the early hours of September 16.

Ashley Pritchard, 18, and Jamie Viera, 20, have been charged with murder and possession of a firearm.Two other men had been arrested this week in connection with 19-year-old Mr Myles's death, but they have now been released on police bail.

A further two men previously arrested in connection with the case remain on police bail. Mr Myles, from London, was father to a two-year-old daughter who lives with his girlfriend in Bristol. (My emphasis).

Teenagers today, eh?

Next up comes the news that local residents are to hand the Home Secretary a 4,000 signature petition asking the government to stop putting paedophiles into a hostel which has 16 schools and nurseries within a half mile radius.

Campaigners are to hand a 4,000-signature petition to Home Secretary John Reid calling on him to ban serious sex offenders from living at Bristol's Brigstocke Road bail hostel.

The hostel, which has room for 28 high-risk offenders, first hit the headlines in May when it emerged that child rapist and killer Robert Oliver, 58, was among its residents.Residents were enraged when they learned that some of Britain's most serious sexual predators, known as Section One offenders, are regularly housed there.

I wish them luck - but I don't hold out much hope.

The crisis surrounding the hostel, which backs on to the playground of the Jumoke Nursery, part of the Kuumba community project, deepened further this week when a secret TV probe by the BBC Panorama programme uncovered systematic failings at Brigstocke Road and nearby Ashley House hostels.

[O]ne paedophile was filmed furtively photographing children by undercover reporters for a BBC Panorama documentary screened on Wednesday.

Presumably he's been locked up? Who am I kidding.

It showed hostel staff claiming that probation officers ignored warnings about career criminal Davidson Charles, 41, who went on to murder Bristol taxi driver Colin Winstone.

It also showed convicted paedophiles placed at the two hostels roaming the streets, befriending and photographing children, confident that they were not being watched by probation or police.

There are many of us who find the mere fact that convicted paedophiles are ever let out of prison hard to swallow. The fact that they can get out early - under probation - and are free to resume their disgusting careers is utterly repugnant to to any sane person.

A statement issued by the Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements, which monitors dangerous offenders in the community, said: "Our priority has been, and always will be, public protection."

Sure - as long as the "public" consists of convicted criminals.

Last up is the sad tale of pensioner, Harry Woods who passed away nine months after two teenage girls beat him up - because he didn't have a Rizla he could give them.

Before the attack as he walked home in July last year, Mr Woods had been an outgoing and happy pensioner enjoying life to the full. Afterwards he became depressed and suicidal and spent his final nine months as a recluse, scared to go out or even answer the door.

In July this year Gloucester Crown Court heard how Mr Woods was set on by the two girls as he returned home late on the evening of July 14, 2005. They asked him for a Rizla cigarette paper and beat him up because he did not have one. He was punched and kicked by the drunken girls - then aged just 14 - and was left with post traumatic stress disorder as a result of the beating.

"The effects of the assault were profound physically and mentally. He developed a most severe depression and anxiety," said a GP's report." He was unable to leave the house for several months. "Even a ring on the doorbell would trigger anxiety, low mood and suicidal thoughts."

What a wonderful nation the liberal progressives have created. When teenagers aren't fighting and shooting each other, they're beating up pensioners instead. If anybody is under the impression that our society is anything other than profoundly sick then they really ought to go back on the medication.

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