Monday, November 27, 2006

Top 10 things I would never do

Central News have tagged me to provide a list of the top 10 things I would never do.

One of the benefits of being a Christian is that it comes with a ready made top 10 list of things not to do - so here it is.

1 I'll have no other gods before God
2 I won't worship false idols
3 I won't misuse God's name
4 I won't work on Sundays
5 I won't dishonour my mum and dad.
6 I won't commit murder.
7 I won't commit adultery
8 I won't steal
9 I won't give false evidence
10 I won't covet anything my neighbour's got.

A bit boring and predictable maybe, but they are definitely the top 10. I have to admit, though, that I'm wavering a bit on number 10 already. My neighbour has just got himself a rather tasty and beautifully restored Triumph Stag - and I've always wanted a Stag.

Must not covet, must not covet, must not covet .....

I need to tag some others - so I tag Dangerously Subversive Dad, A Tangled Web and Tom Tyler.


Tom Tyler said...

Cheers, Stan.
I'm "away from computer" for the next few days, so I'll do that when I get back.

DV said...

Like your Top 10 - hard to top them Stan. But I can think of ten other things.....see ATW shortly.

xoggoth said...

There we are. I totally agree with 4,5,6,8,9,and 10. Christians and atheists are not that different

Stan said...

You missed out 7 xoggoth!

Hope your missus doesn't read this as well ;-)