Saturday, December 16, 2006

Alternative arrangements

The Muslim woman who was going to deliver Channel 4's "alternative" Christmas speech has backed out.


Channel 4 remain committed to having a female muslim deliver their "alternative" message.

May I suggest Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

Somehow I don't think that is what they mean by "alternative". What they want is someone who will not offer an "alternative" view of Islam, but a stereotypical perspective that is acceptable to a certain group . They are quite happy to challenge western liberalism and upset Christian's, monarchists and conservatives - but they will not dare risk upsetting Muslims.

Anyone know why?

The MSM always like to portray themselves as being "brave". Torch bearers for freedom of expression, breaking down barriers and challenging taboos in their quest for "truth" and "justice".

At the end of the day the vast majority of them are just a bunch of cringing apologist cowards who are not fit to lick the boots of the real torch bearers of freedom, truth and justice.

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