Wednesday, December 06, 2006

As a father, this made me want to weep

I'm not, normally, the sort who finds it easy to cry. I was brought up to be a man about things, to not show your emotions, to be strong and set an example. This morning, though, as I read this article and looked into that young child's soul laid bare through the pain in his eyes I found it hard to hold back the tears for this brave young lad.

Deprived of his father by a mindless thug who - like so many other mindless thugs that infest our society today, believe their actions carry no responsibilities.

Yesterday his family released a statement paying tribute to Mr Barnes and the bravery of his young son.

It read: "In the hospital Kieran was sitting with his dad, being brave, keeping a vigil with most of his family.

"We are a Christian family and we were all praying for his survival, and here was an 11-year-old boy who relied hugely on his dad.

"His reaction when he was told his father was gone was simply to ask if he could get into bed with his dad for one last cuddle before the machines were turned off.

Heartbreaking. And his father's killer?

Chambers, of Leckwith, Cardiff, was sentenced to two-and-a-half years’ detention at a young offenders' institution after he admitted the manslaughter in July of Mr Barnes, who ran an aquarium business.

Two and a half years. Just two and a half years for taking the life of a devoted father. And he won't even serve that long. He'll be out in just over a year. The lad in the picture has a life sentence knowing that his dad won't see him grow up, won't see him graduate or marry or bring home his first child.

And the despicable thug that killed his father gets to go on with his useless, worthless life after a short holiday at the taxpayers expense. It's a bloody disgrace. It's not as if this is an isolated incident either. These sort of things happen day in day out all over Britain and the best our politicians can do to think of a solution is to offer the scum more rewards, more help, more money, more "understanding".

I understand them all too well. Like the thugs we heard about earlier this week, they believe that the only thing that is important is their own personal gratification. Nothing else matters to them. They believe this because this is what post modern liberal progressive society teaches them. It is what they are taught at school, by television, by books (assuming any of them learn to read), by cinema and by example from people who - in all honesty - should know better and should behave better.

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Dark_Heretic said...

How much longer before the law starts to punish and not cajole? How much longer before we are made to face the consequences of our own actions or inactions?

I know of people that have faced down the thugs and have then been cautioned by the police for taking a stand.

What I want to know is why there isn't a picture of the thug involved?

My heart goes out to this family and every other family bereaved by thugs