Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lost in translation

That's the multiculti dream.

The government estimates that we are spending £100 million a year (personally, I'd say that is a gross underestimate) on translation services for people who come to our country but do not bother to learn the language - because we provide translation services for them.

Of course, it was the multiculti supporters dream many years ago that we'd welcome millions of immigrants from all over the world and they could all go and live somewhere in Britain where they carry on their age old traditions - like forced marriage and honour killing, carry on with their quaint customs - like mutilating young girls genitals and slitting the throats of animals hung by their feet so they bleed to death slowly, wear their traditional costumes - like full length burkhas and veils that make women look like daleks - and, of course, retain their traditional language.

It was, of course, all bollocks - pardon my French.

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