Friday, December 01, 2006

Sharia taking a grip in Britain

A study confirms what we - well some of us, anyway - already knew.

A SHOCKING report today exposes the grip Islamic law now has on British society.

Honour killings, polygamy, child marriages and mutilation are revealed in the study by Islam expert Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, director of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity.

I'm not sure why this should surprise anybody when blogs like USS Neverdock, Little Bulldogs and LGF highlight incidents - here in the UK and across Europe and the rest of the world - daily.

Dr Sookhdeo – a Muslim-born academic who is a Christian convert – said: “The drive to implement sharia in the UK, both within the Muslim community and the British legal system, must be seen as part of Islam’s impetus to dominate all societies it finds itself in.”

No! Surely not? It's not as if it's written in their holy book or anything is it. It is?

Still, no doubt the representatives of moderate Muslims will confirm that this isn't the case and that they are happy to abide by the law of the land which gave them a home.

Reacting to the study, Dr Kalim Siddiqui, director of the Iranian-backed Muslim Institute, said: “There are laws on the British statute book that are in direct conflict with the laws of Allah. We are Muslims first and last.”

Or maybe not. Surely, that's just a one off, though ....

The Islamic Party of Britain claims the established legal system is “grossly inadequate and full of injustice”.

Ok - so maybe they're not so keen on our laws, but it's not as if they can do anything about it is it.

The study also highlights how Iranian-born Medi Siadatan, from Walsall, who has three wives, has launched a legal challenge claiming Britain’s marriage laws banning polygamy violated his rights to religious freedom.

Presumably, Mr Siadatan, from Walsall, is mounting his "legal challenge" from his prison cell. After all, polygamy is still illegal in Britain for the moment, isn't it?

As Stevie Wonder might have sung ..........

Your Sharia law
Dreadful nasty thing that I abhor
We know what it is you're looking for
How I wish you'd go away.

Sorry Stevie.

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Northwing said...

The irony is that it is our common law that currently allows non-criminal community family law like sharia to operate. Halachah, Jewish family law has been operating in this country for many years. It's where it crosses over to criminal law, like in the recent news about the Somalian community, that it's presently illegal.

There has to be a constitutional argument against alternate legal systems. One of the UK's few written parts does assert the absolute 'Rule of Law for all'.

The issue here is one of constitutional indifference.