Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Black shirts and peaked caps

So the demented Chief Constable of North Wales Police now intends to replace the traditional police helmet with a baseball cap - to go along with the black shirts and combat trousers his force now sport so sensitively. Why not go the whole hog, Richie, and have a nice stylised black cross in a white circle on a red armband.

Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom, criticised recently for introducing "paramilitary-style" black shirts and combat trousers, claimed he got "many admiring comments" when he wore the black and chequered cap on Christmas patrol in Llandudno.

Maybe he did, although I don't know what Sir Robert Peel would make of a Chief Constable who decides on his forces attire by how nice everyone thinks he looks. I'm not sure Brunstrom would be so keen himself if, had he been on a real patrol, some drugged-up low life had decided to whack him across the bonce with the business end of a crow bar.

Rather ironic that Chief Constables will not allow their policemen and women out on the streets unless they have their stab-proof vests and dayglo jackets - but are quite happy to send them to face the crime wave with nothing more than a bit of cloth to protect their heads.

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