Monday, January 29, 2007

Down the pan

Just as I thought Australia was looking like the last bastion of Western civilization comes this.

A ROW has erupted over Muslim-only washrooms at La Trobe University that can be accessed only with a secret push-button code.

Muslim students have exclusive access to male and female washrooms on campus, sparking claims of bias and discrimination.

Victorian Muslim community leader Yasser Soliman said the washrooms were necessary…

“Muslims need to wash their feet before prayer and in the past there have been complaints about them washing their feet in sinks, so this is a happy medium,” he said.

Once upon a time in Britain it was "no Irish", in America it was "no blacks". Today, in Australia, it's "no infidels". Hooray for modern, progressive multiculturalism, eh?


youdontknowme said...

The happy medium would be them going home to wash their feet.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Home to Lebanon?