Monday, January 08, 2007

Heroes of the left

A Tangled Web attempts to put some perspective on a comment by Blair that the Sinn Fein leadership was "the most remarkable he had witnessed in modern politics".

As David Vance points out, this leadership has been responsible for countless deaths and atrocities over the decades so it may, at first, seem a bit odd that Blair considers them to be "remarkable". However, if you forget for a minute that Blair is the PM of Britain and just remind yourself which party he leads, who they are and where they come from it all becomes clear.

After all, several members of the current Labour government are unrepentant communists who once thought that the leadership of the Soviet Union and Communist China were remarkable - so much so that they rather liked the idea of bringing a similar system to this country and are in fact doing so, albeit quietly and stealthily.

These are the sort of people who hold despots such as Castro in high esteem. The mad (Labour) mayor of London is even planning to spend £2,000,000 of taxpayers money "celebrating" fifty years of murderous rule under the Cuban heel of tyranny.

Personally, I think Adams and McGuinness sit quite nicely in the group of lefty heroes with Stalin, Mao and Castro. I'm just surprised we don't see their faces adorning the t-shirts of the lefty loons like we do with Guevara. Mind you, at least he was mildly photogenic. it probably doesn't work so well with someone who looks like the demented offspring of Rolf Harris.

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xoggoth said...

Aha! a non-religion related thing I can entirely disagree with.

Whatever their past, I think Adams and McGuiness and some others, like that protestant chap who just died, do indeed deserve much credit for what they have done. The main point is that we now look like getting a peace that will stop a lot more being killed and it is in great part down to them.

Yes, they could have been nice peaceful compromising chaps but what would have been the point of that? They would not have brought the IRA and protestent groups along with them. Sooner or later conflicts like this are only ended by the often bloody participants not by saints and diplomats.