Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Now a schoolgirl demands the right to wear veil

A muslim girl is expected to win the right to wear a full face veil at her school because the local council is refusing to back the school's legal fight. The girl - and her father - get legal aid of course. They claim that refusing to allow her to wear the veil is infringing her "human rights".

If Britain were still a land where common law was still based on common sense then any judge would tell them to go away and stop wasting his time and the country's money. You wear the school uniform or you find another school. End of story.

But no. Not anymore. We dispensed with common sense long ago, preferring to sign up to lots of wishy-washy, half-baked laws emanating from foreign lands and drawn up by people who neither know nor care about Britain's long history of democracy and freedom.

At the heart of all this lies that old friend of mine - the liberal progressive - as it was they who led the drive for us to make concessions to people from other "cultures" (what we used to call foreigners) rather than expect them to integrate and accept that if they want to live in our country they should obey our laws and respect our culture.

Oh, no - we couldn't ask that of them could we. It was us who had to change to suit them. At first it all seemed quite reasonable - let girls wear trousers instead of skirts - but this was just the thin end of the wedge. Soon it was headscarves, then it was full length robes and now it's full face veils and WPC's who won't touch men (not in the least bit sexist then).

It would seem that giving in has become a habit in Britain. As a nation we no longer stand and defend what is British, what is ours and what is right. We just allow more and more concessions. There comes a time when you have to say - no more! Now would be a good time.

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