Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Raising the bar

When I started this blog I hoped that one day I might, if I stick at it long enough, get to be half as good as some of those blogs that inspired me to begin blogging myself.

One of those is Rottweiler Puppy. Judging by the way he puts the Big Brother/Jade Goody "racism" row into perspective, I suspect that day might still be some way off yet and that I may have to set my ambitions a little lower. than "half as good".

So, to get this straight:

Race-based hammer-attack leaves schoolboy with brain-damage =
All-but ignored

Off-the-scale religious fascists plot the end of Western
civilisation = No coverage at all

Catfight between a pair of pointless
celebs = Headline news for days on end

Brilliant. Read it all.

1 comment:

Tom Tyler said...

Don't undervalue yourself, mate. RottPup has a great turn of phrase and he turns out some quality stuff, for sure. But you're doing fine too. For example, you're far more prolific than many. There's room on this blogosphere thing for all of us (except of course for lefties - ban the lot of 'em, now!)