Monday, January 29, 2007

Sinking fast

The big news this morning is the report warning that Britain's obsession with multiculturalism is creating a more divided nation and has succeeded in turning a generation of young muslims towards fundamentalist Islam.

It seems almost half of muslims in Britain aged between 16 and 24 would prefer to live under Sharia compared to 17% of the over 55's.

Forty per cent of Muslims between the ages of 16 and 24 said they would prefer to live under sharia law in Britain, a legal system based on the teachings of the Koran. The figure among over-55s, in contrast, was only 17 per cent.

To me, even 17% sounds like a lot. When it comes to women covering up, some three quarters of young muslims said they would prefer women to wear the veil or headscarf. That's 75%!!!

Munira Mirza, the broadcaster and one of the authors of the report, argued that multicultural policies pursued by the Government had succeeded in making things worse, rather than better.

She said: "The emergence of a strong Muslim identity in Britain is, in part, a result of multi-cultural policies implemented since the 1980s which have emphasised difference at the expense of shared national identity and divided people along ethnic, religious and cultural lines.

Can't be long before our honourable Mayor of London is suggesting that Ms. Mirza joins the BNP.

Let's face it - there is nothing new in this. Anyone with any common-sense became aware of the problems that multiculturalism has caused some time ago. With regards to Islam in particular - with it's political and imperialist ambitions - it has clearly been a dangerous policy. The proportion of those young muslims who want a Britain under Sharia has doubled in a generation - and will probably double again in the next generation.

The problem is that ALL of our ruling class have bought into the multiculti myth and they can not change. That's not just the politicians - it's the teachers, the lecturers, the broadcasters and leader writers. We're heading for a Titanic disaster of our own making and those who pointed us at the iceberg have locked themselves in the wheelhouse, strapped themselves to the wheel and ordered "full steam ahead".

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