Saturday, February 17, 2007

Father figures

The sudden spate of gang murders in South London has brought the family back into focus and fathers in particular. I was planning a post on families for the future, but I'd like to make a quick point on absentee fathers.

First of all, there is no point in Cameron, Blair or anybody else currently in politics moaning about it. You and your like created this situation through your stupid, liberal policies. You were warned again and again of the consequences and you thought you knew better. Now you've been proved wrong - stop whining and accept the responsibility.

Now here's a suggestion about what to do. You can't suddenly start forcing fathers to be fathers to a 14 year old they've never known. And, to be honest, if they couldn't be bothered to take an interest in the first 14 years of their son's life they probably aren't a good role model. What you need is a father substitute - and the best father substitute is the Army.

Set up cadet schools across the country - boarding schools - which will instill army discipline into young, fatherless boys AND provide them with a decent education. Send young offenders under 17 to these cadet schools with the proviso that, after completing their education, they will serve a minimum of 1 years National Service.

Offenders over the age of 17 and under 25 will go straight into National Service. Anyone caught carrying a gun will be offered a choice - 10 years in prison or 5 years National Service. Anyone caught dealing drugs will be offered a choice of 5 years in prison or 2 years National Service. Anyone convicted of three crimes before the age of 25 will be offered a choice of 2 years in prison or 1 year National Service.

Each county would be required to set up the required National Service regiments, but they would remain a part of The Army.

What these young men need most is the role model, discipline and "tough love" that fathers used to offer as a matter of course. The Army is the only thing that can provide any sort of substitute for that. It's not perfect, but it does it pretty well.


youdontknowme said...

I also believe that National Service is the answer. It would help solve a lot of things but I think that law abiding citizens should be able to keep a gun in their homes and businesses.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

You're right about the army (or other forces). They really do know how to look after youngsters and instil a bit of discipline into them - the important sort of discipline: self discipline.

I was 15 when I enlisted, and much as my dad was ok, the mob was still the best dad I ever had.

I agree about the weapon at home.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen - and the term is so very appropriate in this context - Britain is dying.

Nothing new - you all knew that already; you're simply blogging your way into dealing with it.

Blogs here and blogs there - but not an action to be seen.

Words are one thing, sirs, but actions quite another. The matter that should be under consideration is not WHAT should be done - I think we are all of a similar mind, although by no means identical, I'm sure - but rather, HOW it should be done.

The blogosphere is full, one might even say bursting, with those who lament the approaching success of euthanasing Great Britain by mediocrity and degeneration. It is, therefore, a primal source of strength for a political movement based around the principles of what made Britain Great.

I see three options -

1: Keep blogging, do nothing
2: Keep blogging, join a fourth
party e.g. UKIP and push up
its membership ( at least it
shares many of the same
sentiments )
3: Keep blogging, create a party.

Create a party? What madness is this?

It's not about votes; it's about the percentage of the vote. If you gentlemen, and others like you, translated their cynicism and dissatisfaction into participation in targeted political arenas ( targeted both in terms of location and time ), the proportion of the vote ( small though the absolute size of the vote may be ) held by us would carry us forward along the road to success.

The party wouldn't even need a huge membership list - it simply needs enough people to SUPPORT it when it needs support; membership is distinct from active support. By avoiding the official numbers of members ( beyond what is statutorily required ) we sidestep the numbers game played by the three Stooges ( guess who ) and introduce an element of uncertainty which they will not have had to deal with before; blogospherical demographics is new and untested in a straight political tussle.

I would welcome your thoughts on this, gentlemen - and even your supporting actions, if you feel inclined to exert more than your fingertips to revive Britain.

What do you say?

I am, right now, setting up an email address to collect opinion and/or action. The address is:

Looking forward to reclaiming a nation, and perhaps a decent future, gentlemen....


S Owen

xoggoth said...

I can't help feeling the army is too late in life to make the sort of difference needed. Better to deter those who cannot/will not properly support their children from having them in the first place.

Easier said than done of course but I believe the Yanks had some success by reducing welfare for single mothers. Our government seems unwilling even to try it. It cannot be impossible to make the distinction between women whose relationships have broken down from the plain feckless. Difficult to understand why they cannot make anything but a pig's ear of the CSA too.

To "anonymous" S Owen, sounds interesting but think needs to be a group to support and drive rather than bypass UKIP (which I have just joined) and split the vote even further.

youdontknowme said...

anonymous-I am doing something. I have joined a political party and I am standing as a BNP councillor in May.

Stan said...

S Owens

I'm looking to join a party myself and get more involved, but I'm finding it hard to make my mind up. UKIP have potential, but they really need to start pushing on more than they are. Farage appears to have recognised the need for some substance in their policies beyond "withdraw from the EU), but I remain unconvinced. I'm not sure why.

I like the look of the English Democrats and agree with most of their policies. Interestingly, they are the only party to make a commitment towards aesthetics - something which is very close to my heart - but they're still very small.

Starting a new political party is simple enough in theory, but in practice requires considerable backing or it will take many years just to get off the ground. Nevertheless, I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say.


I agree that it is better to take action earlier - and encouraging the traditional family is key to that in my opinion, but for this generation and probably the next that will not happen soon enough.

As far as the army is concerned it is never too late. They are very good (or certainly used to be) at taking feral undisciplined worthless youth with low self esteem and turning out confident young men with skills and trades that society needs and values.

AgainsTTheWall said...

Please note that absent fathers are often the victim. The rise of the one-parent family owes much to feminism and its insistence that the State assume the father's responsibilities to provide for and protect his family. Collusion between the State and women's groups has given us a social and legal system which permits a woman to dump her spouse when he no longer measures up in some way, strip him of his assets and children and move on to a more exciting partner. At its extreme we find many women who dont even bother with the pretence of marriage, simply get pregnant and then plunder the future earnings of the father and/or the taxpayer.

The politicians would never dare criticise women so they blame the fathers entirely. Please dont let them control the discussion in this way.