Monday, February 12, 2007

Government endorsing discrimination

So Patricia Hewitt, the Health Secretary has declared that smokers and fat people should be denied access to health care until they give up their habits or lose weight.

I thought the NHS was supposed to be free at the point of delivery for all?

What happened to being anti-discrimination. Now it appears they are happy to discriminate against those who pursue perfectly legal lifestyles and yet they have no qualms about treating those who pursue illegal lifestyles.

Get a bit too fat and the NHS door is slammed in your face. Run with a gang and get knifed in the guts and it's access all areas. Smoke a cigar a week and it's "come back when you've quit". Steal a car and ram it into a lamp post and it's "step right this way, sir". Smoke a packet of fags a day and it's back to the end of the queue, fry your brains with 10 spliffs a day and jump straight to the front.

It appears it is alright to be judgemental and discriminatory after all.

My advice to smokers is, when asked if you smoke, just tell them "only 10 spliffs a day and the occasional heroin".

You'll get treated as a priority and a wad of cash to feed your addiction.


xoggoth said...

Unless there are proper clinical grounds, i.e. because somebody does such and such the treatment may not actually be effective, I totally agree.

Think when I take over the world I will be sorely tempted to decline treatment for the habitually criminal though.

Stan said...

The good thing about ruling the world is that you get to decide who is habitually criminal!