Tuesday, February 13, 2007


A two year old murdered in her bed.

A teenage schoolboy shot to death as he slept in his room.

A child abducted from her bath and subjected to a horrifying assault.

And you want me to worry about polar bears?


religion of pieces said...

...and this, which the MSM have refused to report:



Just how depraved can these pedophile-worshippers get in their treatment of Kaffirs?

Could it have been a grooming gone wrong? The girl was around the right age:


Stan said...

It's disgusting the way the MSM have ignored the Charlene Downes case, but it's her own fault for daring to be born white.

Sudden Islamophobia Syndrome said...

Britney is collecting examples of SJS in Britain at http://godhelpbritain.blogspot.com/

It's my guess that there's lots of this low level 'street-jihad' going on all over Dar al-Harb wherever there is a significant Muslim infestation. The MSM hush most of it up, or won't recognise its significance in the Muzzies' campaign to subjugate and terrorise the Kuffar.

There's a continuum from muggings and gang rapes that only get reported in the local press, up to mall massacres which the MSM can't ignore, such as the Salt Lake City attack, but are keen to assure us are not religiously motivated.

The big events are just the tip of the iceberg of the remorseless campaign of thug-jihad wherever these vermin attain critical mass.