Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Silent running

The BBC has an article today on the first hydrogen fuel cell production motorcycle - the ENV from Intelligent Energy.

I'm delighted to see a British company leading the way. It's a good looking machine capable of 50mph and a range of 100 miles. Best of all, unlike electric powered vehicles, the hydrogen fuel cell can be replenished quickly - around five minutes. It is expensive - around £6,000 - but the company are confident this will drop over time while performance and range will improve. It is also virtually silent, which brings positives and negatives of course.


Drew said...

Hi Stan, Australia has always been 5 to 10 years behind UK in trends, and now we have a labor party leading in the polls with the view that climate change is all our fault. The media is wholeheartedly behind them, and my daughter tells me it is being taught in school as well. God help us!!!!!

Stan said...

Hi Drew,

It will be a real shame, I think, if the Aussies kick out Howard - in my view, the best head of government in the western world - but it won't be a surprise.

The socialist propaganda war over the last half century has been relentless and - as you've noticed - permeated into every corner of every institution.

Things look bleak.