Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Somaliland: A nation built from scratch

Nice interview with Somaliland Foreign Minister, Abdulahi Duale.

There is no frustration. We have built a nation from scratch. It is exciting, in fact. We have built all the necessary institutions. We are at peace with ourselves and our neighbors. We have built a viable democracy as we have changed our leadership at least four times until today. We have a parliament also.

Don't you just love that "can do" approach? While most of Africa's nations are holding out the begging bowl with one hand and strangling it's people with the other, Somaliland - unrecognised and virtually unaided - gets on with it. Read the whole thing.

There is no legal or moral reason not to recognise Somaliland. If Blair wants a "legacy" then what could be better than being the first to recognise a fledgling nation?

Recognition for Somaliland NOW!!!

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