Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Brown savaged by ferocious attack

You've got to laugh at The Telegraph sometimes. They carry the story about a civil servant who has labelled Gordon Brown as "Stalinist" and then go on to have a public comment thread asking whether Gordon Brown can "survive" this slur!

For goodness sake, there are current cabinet ministers who are former communist party members - and were members when the world was well aware of what communism really was about.

Socialism is collectivist. Collectivism is controlling. Controlling governments always result in totalitarianism - in other words, Stalinist. If people haven't worked out for themselves that this current Labour government and the socialist movement in general is "Stalinist" in ethos and always has been - then they never will.

Of course Gordon Brown will survive this and he'll be the next Prime Minister of Great Britain in the not too distant future. Gawd help us.

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