Saturday, March 03, 2007

A criminal neglect

The Telegraph reports that as many as 600 criminal offences every day are committed by children including a "disturbing rise" in sexual offences.

Pretty shocking, eh? A 15% increase in 2 years. That would seem a little unusual to most people. A 20% increase in sex crimes in 2 years should start the old alarm bells ringing wouldn't you think?

Not in this government.

The Government claims that offending by juveniles is stable and the figures show the results of a policy to increase "offences brought to justice", particularly youth offences which might previously have been dealt with informally and did not show in criminal records.

Does anyone believe this garbage?

Does anyone really believe that there has been a policy to increase the number of "offences brought to justice"? Or that our police force have suddenly improved their performance? What about the fact that they have stopped prosecuting cannabis users - a criminal offence before Labour came to power? Surely such a policy would have led to a substantial fall in recorded crime.

Don't forget that the figures are for children who have been caught AND convicted. I don't know what the conviction rate is - i.e. the percentage who are caught, charged and convicted - but with an average police detection rate of around 25% it would be fair to say that this 600 crimes a day is a drop in the ocean compared to the real figures.

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Sir Henry Morgan said...

All I can say is - have they thought of linking increased crime with increased immigration.

After all, it's not native British youngsters who are shooting each other to doll rags.

Regarding sex crimes, Norway just reported rising sex crimes, and the fact that two thirds of all the rape in Oslo is committed by that one sixth of Oslo's population that is immigrant - almost entirely Muzbot.

About time we got back to a monocultural - BRITISH - society.