Friday, March 02, 2007

More "Inconvenient Truths" for Al Gore

Andrew Bolt in Australia's Herald Sun lays bare the full shocking reality of Al Gore's green credentials.

After being lauded by Hollywood's elite and rewarded with an Oscar for his fictional masterpiece of overstatement, "An Inconvenient Truth" we heard how just one of Gore's mansions uses more electricity in one month than the average US home uses in a year. Don't forget that, as the Environazis always love to remind us, your average US home uses a lot of energy!

But even that devastating piece of hypocrisy is nothing compared to Gore's excuse that he "offsets" his emissions. It turns out that's not quite as noble as it seems.

But there are at least four problems with such offsets, the first of which is very particular to Gore. And that is Gore buys his offsets through Generation Investment Management, whose chairman is . . . Al Gore.

What's more, GIM's business is not to itself remove carbon from the air, but, it says, to "buy high quality companies at attractive prices that will deliver superior long-term investment returns".

I dunno. Maybe it's just me, but it seems a teensy weensy bit suspicious that a very wealthy man who emits more carbon a month than the average US family can manage in a year then tells us all to use less fuel while he swans around the world in private jets to promote his crappy - and highly misleading - film offsets those emissions by buying from a company which pays him.

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