Monday, March 19, 2007

Weasel words

The Independent On Sunday has "apologised" for it's 10 year campaign to force the government to legalise cannabis, claiming that if they "had known" back then what they know now, then they wouldn't have taken such a stance.

A decade after this newspaper's stance culminated in a 16,000-strong pro-cannabis march to London's Hyde Park - and was credited with forcing the Government to downgrade the legal status of cannabis to class C - an IoS editorial states that there is growing proof that skunk causes mental illness and psychosis.

These are truly the words of weasels. Either they were completely out of touch with trends in cannabis and studies of it's effects back then - or they chose to ignore those trends and studies. The link between cannabis and psychosis was already well established long before 1997 and it's not as if the more potent version - skunk - was not widely available. For a newspaper to claim "it did not know" is either blatant lying or an admission that it is utterly useless at doing what it is supposed to do - investigate, report and present news. I don't know when "skunk" first came on the scene, but it was certainly widely available long before 1997.

Incredibly, many cannabis users - and I expect there are plenty on the staff of the IoS - still delude themselves about this drug. They sit and smoke the vile weed and discuss the different varieties and forms like connoisseurs of fine wine. They'll witter on about how they like a good Moroccan Black or Lebanese Red, their preference for Indian over Pakistani. Like they have any idea! The chances are that most of what they are smoking started life in some Salford semi or Amsterdam apartment

The IoS is the liberal progressive newspaper of choice. Their agenda is the liberal progressive agenda and the causes they support are the causes of the liberal progressives. Tobacco companies face law suits from smokers suffering from lung cancer - I hope that the IoS and the rest of the liberal progressive establishment are soon to face law suits from former cannabis addicts who've had their lives ruined by believing in their vile crusade. Then we'll not only see the IoS spouting weasel words, we'll see them twisting and squriming like weasels as they try to escape the trap they led others into.


Sandy said...

I think that most progressive causes are great for society. I just wish more people would help. People should donate more, like OrangeClouds' Organic Market. They sell T-shirts on,, where 10% of profits go to progressive causes.

Stan said...

I guess you're still young, Sandy. Me - I'm an old fuddy duddy who has woken up to the fact that "progressive" means working towards a goal - and I don't like where they're going with it!

Progressive causes always sound like a good thing, but often do more harm than good.

Incidentally, buying a rather tatty looking $25 dollar t-shirt from which $2.50 goes to charity isn't my idea of "doing more" or good donating. Sod the t-shirt - just give your 25 bucks to a charity. One that you have researched and that you know will spend the money wisely (often they spend much of it on advertising, funding exorbitant salaries for staff and expensive head offices). Even better - donate part of your salary each month to a favourite charity. It's tax efficient and simple to do. Or better still, get involved and do some charity work yourself.