Monday, May 21, 2007

Form an orderly Q

One word you won't find me using is the Islamic word used to mean a muslim woman's veil - you know the one. Five letters, starts with n and ends with b - rhymes with kebab.

For a start it's not an English word. That's not the real problem, though, as there are plenty of non-English words in English. What I can not stand about it, though, is that it fails to conform to English structure in that a q is always followed by a u. Nearly always, anyway - and where it doesn't it is almost always an Islamic word.

The increasingly frequent use of this word in English - on blogs, in the newspapers, on the radio or TV - and the increasing use of the letter q without u is another example of the Islamification of Britain and should be stopped. If you must use this word (or any other Islamic term) - spell it with a k.

Best of all, don't bastardise our language for the sake of political correctness. It is a veil. Please call it a veil.

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