Friday, May 18, 2007

Rape victim was asking for it and probably enjoyed it

Shocking to hear that sort of thing being said in this day and age isn't it. It's the sort of thing we've come to expect from raving Muslim preachers or octogenarian judges - but when it comes from the mouth of a female barrister it seems even more disgusting.

A teenage girl who claims she was gang-raped by three 13-year-old boys would have been "glad of the attention", a woman barrister said.

So a young girl is gang-raped and this barmy bird thinks she was "glad of the attention" - another way of saying she probably enjoyed it.

The barrister told the jury that "things are not the way they used to be" and that girls' clothes put pressure on them to be sexually attractive "perhaps before their time".

In other words - she was asking for it. Ignoring the age-old advice to stop digging when you find yourself in a hole, Miss Davies goes on.

"No one suggests this is a lesson in politeness and gallantry. It is all too unrealistic that sexual encounters between boys and girls who have never met before must be against the girls' will.

Well, she's damn right about it not being polite or gallant to force a woman to have sex, but she seems to be suggesting that there is a possibility that young teenage girls who dress provocatively and end up being taken roughly by some stranger despite protestation might not actually mean it when they say no. Miss Davies actually manages to use the three old arguments for rape - she asked for it, she enjoyed it, she really wanted it.

"There is pressure on girls from eight to wear these stomach revealing outfits, skinny jeans worn way down on the hips.

"It's about, 'Let's try it, let's get on with it.'

Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but I've never considered a young woman wearing skimpy clothing as an invitation to rape.


fiona said...

What a disgusting and ignorant woman. How the hell did she end up as a barrister? Scary that this is the type in our legal system.

That poor young girl, the trauma she has already suffered because of a gang rape, now has to deal with idiots saying she asked for it.

I hope this wee girl gets the help and support she is going to need. And I hope the little shits that did it suffer for the rest of their lives in every way possible.

Marcusa said...

Would this barrister feel the way if it had happened to her daughter?